Ayaklı Göl Evleri is a 7.5-acre-land tourism facility designed for daily villa tourism. The facility has a large swimming pool, a cafeteria, and can provide services such as concierge, food, nature activities, boat tours, yoga massage, cycling, and so on. Our villas have a lake view and are located at the foot of Sandras mountain.

The facility is brand new since it was scheduled to open in the summer of 2021. Our villas have been decorated and named in accordance with the concept of individuality. The names were chosen from the bird names found in Köyceğiz. The decoration was conceptualised and executed in collaboration with renowned furniture and white goods manufacturers. Almost every room in each of our villas has a parent bathroom. Our living rooms have an open kitchen and are 65 m2 in size. They all overlook the pool and have convenient access to it.

Our homes feature two distinct entrances. On the upper levels, there is a hallway at the entry, three rooms, and two bathrooms. Above that, a large viewing terrace with a study room is located. The lower level of the house contains two bedrooms (each with its own bathroom) and a living room with an open kitchen.

In other words, our home includes five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a dining room with two open kitchens, and a viewing terrace with one study room. The lower and upper floors of the house each have their own entrance. It can be used as two separate houses if needed. We have tables that can be used as work desks in the hallways and rooms for those who want to work from home. Each house in our facility is assigned two parking spaces.

Our facility also offers the following optional additional services:

The concierge service where you can satisfy all of your daily market, etc., needs.

Cleaning and ironing services available upon request

Cafeteria facility

Table setting and food service




Boat tour Trekking, paragliding, rafting etc. organization