The distinguished restaurant of the Köyceğiz Kordon, Ayaklı Göl, has started to serve Villa Tourism, to bring a new breath with its unique style.

Our goal is to combine what we have learned from our previous experience in hostel, hotel, and restaurant management with our Tursab Class A Travel Agency Certificate and present a one-day Villa Rental understanding that emphasises luxurious service.

With the pandemic, we are living in a time where our perspective on life has shifted and working from home has become more popular. P eople who live in cities are more likely to choose to work in homes with a garden, a pool, and comfortable working conditions. Similar to this, there is a widespread desire for two or three families to come together and spend their vacation in a beautiful villa, as well as company administrators, teachers, and working groups from different institutions who want to spend their vacation as a crowded squad. Therefore, we observed an increased demand to rent villas with suitable facilities and price. These shifting demands and circumstances have influenced our perspective.

As a result, we put plenty of desks in our houses, we have a smooth internet connection, and we converted our terraces into study rooms. Also , our pandemic-related hygiene and treatment, such as spraying and cleaning our homes as soon as they are empty and leaving the house one day before taking on a new tenant, is a product of adaptations to the latest circumstances. 

We’d like to emphasize that we considered several details that will maximize the luxury and comfort in our homes. We can assume that the part of our business up to this point is the situations that the agencies that do a standard villa rental business already have to comply with and do. However, our approach to the matter will be different in that we will include a complete tourism operation, including agency, hotel management, restaurant management, trekking, yoga, spa, and transportation services.

The following are the services that we can provide in this regard, along with their reasoning:

One of the priorities of families who rent villas, apartments and houses on holiday (unfortunately) is that women in particular have to work on vacation. So it is nice to have a holiday with a crowded family and friends, but this is the food, dishes etc. To simplify this problem, we made a catering agreement with our subsidiary Ayaklı Göl Restaurant. So, if you’d like, we can arrange for your table to be set. 

We wanted you to have rented a house with a maid and a doorman when you rented the Ayaklı Göl Houses.

Concierge service is one of the services we will provide in this context. We can deliver any shopping you want, to your house once a day. A service fee of 10% of your invoice will be written as the price of this service.

You can have your house cleaned at any time as long as you notify us one day ahead of time. The cost of cleaning our house is 150 lira. 

 We also provide laundry and ironing services. Each piece of iron costs 5 TL.

On our website, we have created two barbecue points for you to use. You can make your own barbecue at these locations if you wish. You can also use our cafeteria’s barbecue service if you wish. The cost of cooking is 10 TL per product.

We have established a cafeteria by the pool where you and your children can have a snack and drink hot and cold drinks. Our cafeteria starts operating at 10:00 every day. It closes at 12.00 at night.

Our cafeteria also provides consultancy services. If you encounter any problems at home, or if you want information about activities to be carried out in the area, or for many other issues, you can get into touch. The contact number is: 0 542 640 95 31

You can receive a 20% discount on your service charge in our restaurant, Ayaklı Göl, which is located in Köyceğiz Kordon.

You can also get a 10% discount at Aheste boutique in Köyceğiz Kordon, which stands out with its bohemian clothing style.

There are many Yoga and Ayurveda teachers living in Köyceğiz. Together they established a formation called Devaköy and thanks to them, Köyceğiz is on its way to becoming an international yoga center. Devaköy is our business partner and is located at the end of our facility. Therefore, it is possible to practice yoga with, and receive massages from them. 

You can take a boat tour with our own boat, which is anchored in Köyceğiz Lake.

Köyceğiz is a region of natural wonders. With its sea, lake, streams, trees, and location, it’s an ideal location for all types of activity involving nature and water sports. In this regard, we collaborated with the Özgür Rota travel agency. The activities you can do with the free route are as follows:

PARAGLIDING: Fethiye Baba Mountain You can have a unique experience that lasts 30 minutes from 1960 meters and take pictures of the performance you will not forget.

RAFTING: In Dalaman Stream, you can experience an incredible river adventure for 16 km and a full day, enjoy the magnificent view and cool off in the heat of summer.

CANO: You can have a full day experience by canoe in Dalyan channels or in Göcek bays.

BICYCLE: You can find yourself in unique visual beauty by proceeding on 740 km ‘The Eco Trails’ cycling routes marked and mapped in Köyceğiz, Ortaca, Dalaman region.

TRACKING TO THE NATURE: You can find yourself in unique visual beauty by proceeding on the 470 km trekking routes The Eco Trails marked and mapped in Köyceğiz, Ortaca, Dalaman regions.

DIVING (SCUBADIVE): You can have a fantastic underwater adventure that lasts a full day in Fethiye bays or Dalyan, and you can have an unforgettable experience.

BOAT TOUR: You can have a pleasant experience with a daily boat tour in Köyceğiz moving Dalyan, Sultaniye Hot Springs, İztuzu beach or Göcek moving Dodecanese Islands.

JEEP SAFARI: You can reach view points with off road experience; With water battles, you can experience a day full of fun, adrenaline and adventure.

WIND SURF – KITE BOARD: You can take lessons from expert instructors in the world-famous Gökova, and let yourself into the wind and waves by renting materials.

BAZAAR: Köyceğiz ‘Peasant Bazaar’ established once a week, and the ‘Second Hand Market’ established once a month, attracts the attention of the people of the region and tourists.

BEACHES AND BAYS SUITABLE TO ENTER THE SEA: Ekincik, Iztuzu, Kargıcak, Akçabalık, Inardı, Şeytancık, Vaccine, Sarıgerme, Dalaman, Kayacık, Alayurt, Lakoz, Gökgemile, Ağa harbor, Göbün, Sarirsli, Yavansu, Kurşunlu, Kuyrucakla, Taşyaka, Kille, Selmin, Osmanağa, İnlice, Teğnelli, Karakum, Scream, Journal.

NATURAL BEAUTIES AND NATURAL ASSETS FROM VEGETABLE COVER, GEOGRAPHICAL STRUCTURE AND HEIGHT: Köyceğiz Lake, Kocagöl, Alagöl, Sülüngür Lake, İztuzu Lake, Sülüklü Lake, Gökçeova Lake and Dalyan lagoon; Kepez canyon and Yuvarlakçay canyon; Çiçekbaba, Play, Ölemez, Eren, Nuri Baba and Kızıldağ; Sweetgum forests.

LANDSCAPE, THERMAL, WATERFALL AND CAVES: Namnam Tea, Round Tea, Dalaman Tea, Dalyan Tea; Sultaniye hot springs, Kokargirme, Fevziye and Kapukargin hot springs with sulfur; Shirlar waterfall, Gökbel Alanbaşı waterfall, Göcek Suuçtu waterfall, Yangı Akçay waterfall; Kırcagedre and Kocain caves.


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